Wednesday, 22 December 2010


While I was in Russia, I had a chance to go to presentation of a pilot collection called "Ginger" by Low Fat - the brand best known for its comfortable eco-friendly sport clothes. The "Ginger" collection is mainly focused on yoga clothes and so called body&mind activities and includes clothes for women, men and unisex. More information you can find on their website
Here are photos from the event which was in the Low Fat showroom in St.Petersburg. I am sorry for the quality of photos, they were made on the iPhone as I forgot my camera :(

Пока я была в России, в Санкт-Петербурге, у меня была возможность сходить на презентацию первой коллекции "Ginger" Low Fat. В шоуруме Low Fat была представлена коллекция новой линии одежды для йоги и всех направлений body&mind, в которой спортивный комфорт воплощен в натуральных, экологически чистых тканях. Первая коллекция включает в себя женские и мужские модели, а также вещи унисекс, соответсвующие мировым стандартам eco-fashion. Больше информации и фотографии коллекции на их сайте

The interior of the showroom reminds nature and is very beautiful.

The photo I liked the most on the Low Fat website:

Other photos you can find on their website
all the rights for the photos belong to Low Fat.

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